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Dr. Silverman

"My goal is to shed light on innovative ways for facilitating the language and literacy development of diverse learners in order to ensure that all children have the opportunity to become proficient readers and writers in school and beyond."

Dr. Rebecca Silverman

The Language to Literacy Research Lab

At the Language to Literacy Lab, we conduct research on how to best support diverse children in preschool and elementary school.

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Meet the Team

Dr. Rebecca Silverman

"My primary passion in teaching was supporting students' language and literacy." At the Language to Literacy Research Lab, we conduct research how to best support diverse children in preschool and elementary school.

Who We Are

Learn more about our multi-disciplinary team of researchers.

Current Projects

Logo of CLAVES

CLAVES Project

CLAVES means for keys or clues in Spanish and stands for Cultivating Linguistic Awareness for Voice and Equity in Schools. In this project, we work with teachers to learn how to best support upper elementary school multilingual learners and their peers develop strong language and literacy skills. See here for more information:       

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Logo of Stanford SFUSD partnership

SFUSD Partnership Project

In this research practice partnership, we investigate which instructional practices best support children's language and literacy development in Tier 1 and Tier 2 contexts. We are also exploring how teachers implement personalized learning practices to support language and literacy in elementary school.

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Image of older student tutoring younger student over reading

Ravenswood Reads

A study of how tutors can support children and their parents to create meaningful interactions for learning language and literacy through distance tutoring.

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BMAB and Bookelicious

BMAB (Bring Me a Book) and Bookelicious have partnered in a literacy project in research on reading motivation, recommending topics that children are excited about

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Sesame Workshop

Primary School and Sesame Workshop

The Primary School and Sesame Workshop have partnered to share innovative curriculum with early childhood educators.



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Logo of Children Study Their World project

Children Study Their World (CSW)*

An early childhood curriculum that uses project-based inquiry to help four-year-olds expand and build upon their knowledge of the world.

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